Staging Living Room Crystal Chandelier Pendant Formal FORMAL SEATING AREA Sitting Home Stagers Home Marble Top Table Monet Staging Stone Fireplace Vancouver Stagers Vancouver

Staging Living Room   Formal Sitting Room And Marble Top Table Crystal Chandelier Pendant Formal Living Room FORMAL SEATING AREA Sitting Home Stagers Home Staging Marble Top Table Monet Staging Stone

This Room Was Designed to Provide You with the Finest Sleep of Your Life

There are tons of gadgets available targeted at helping us with the daunting job of falling asleep--weighted blankets, sound machines, noise blocking pillows, you name it. However, these flats in London take it one step farther --okay, multiple measures --by designing entire rooms around the notion of falling and staying asleep.
Design-focused serviced apartment brand Cuckooz teamed up with a UK-based mattress company, Simba, to make three flats in Spitalfields, which will be near Liverpool Street in London.

"The Woom Room" mattress is easily the most fascinating part of the sleep-inducing apartments--the framework itself utilizes slats of plywood fitted together to make a sense of being enclosed into a mother's womb, mimicking a cocoon-like design.

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