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Decor Ideas

Magnificent Architectural Roof with Metal

tampa architectural roof with teak outdoor chaise lounges pool modern and lounge chairs

New year, new kitchen tendencies. While minimalism and increased gold appliances were huge for 2018, the new year is bringing in a few different ideas for the core of the household. If you are arranging a kitchen reno–or just want to get inspired–you need to understand what designers do for 2019. We talked with some …

Decor Ideas

Wonderful Paver Steps with Raised Hot Tub Outdoor Potted Plant

chicago paver steps with contemporary outdoor umbrellas patio traditional and brick

There are few home improvement projects you can not do yourself anymore (aside from, well, anything electric ). Whether you’re installing a bathroom, putting in a subway tile backsplash, upping your garage door game, or even marbleizing your countertops, there’s nothing stopping you–unlessof course, you’d prefer to hire a specialist. There are all kinds of …

Decor Ideas

Awesome Aged Copper Roof with Trees Natural Stone

philadelphia aged copper roof with traditional outdoor chaise lounges exterior and sunroom stone patio

How you can individualize your new home Repaint the front doorway. This commitment is much much less than painting the outside and also has a whole lot even more bang for the dollar. While you select the color of the paint, consider whether you intend to upgrade the hardware too-shiny new hardware could provide your …

Decor Ideas

Delightful Xeriscape with Succulents Cor-ten

austin xeriscape with southwestern outdoor wall lights and sconces landscape rust metal

Colors can hold a lot of hidden significance from a decorating perspective. Red, for instance, is often utilised to stimulate hunger, blue is seen as a relaxing coloryellow will make us feel more happy. Our preferences of these colors can show a great deal about our own personalities, especially when we use them to decorate …